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Costello Colours was opened in 2023 after a 10 year creative drought.

I'm Karen, I'm originally from Cornwall, moved to London in the mid-2000's with a dream of becoming a sculptor. Fumbled through a Fine Art & History of Art Degree at Goldsmiths University, and then realised a recession had happened. Art making was put on the back burner, creativity fizzled, various employments happened, and I met my now husband, David. We moved out of London, had a family, and (somehow) bought a (very dilapidated) house. 

One day whilst rummaging through the debris of my 4 year old's school bag, I found the 6th birthday party invitation of the month. I barely knew this child, and realised I would most probably be the one to choose and buy a birthday card. The thought of going to a shop and trying to find a suitable card for someone i barely knew, with little to no help from my son, wasn't how I wanted to spend my shopping trip. I just wanted a generic card that would be happy, and colourful, and easy to pick out.

So I started drawing. 10 years after I completed my degree, I got that spark back. I thought it'd been lost forever, and somehow in the form of digital drawing. 

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